Youtube Personality Joey Salads Naked

Joey Salads Naked – Popular Youtuber Joey Salads flashes his cock to his friends.
Joey Salads, a popular Youtube personality, likes to get naked. If he isn’t putting his dick in some kind of food or pissing in strange places, he is flashing his cock to his friends. (Click “Continue Reading” to see the rest of his nude pictures)

Joey Salads Naked Dick In Spaghetti

Apparently this guy LOVES sticking his cock in different types of food. Isn’t that called Sitophilia? I wonder if he eats all of the food that he sticks his cock in?

Joey Salads Naked Flashing His Cock

Even his friends are in love with his big cock. Do all straight dudes do stuff like this? Is this like some kind of alpha male cock worship that is deemed ok for hetero men? You know this dude has either fantasized about or actually sucked his cock once or twice.

Joey Salads Naked Flashing His Cock

He really likes comparing his cock with household objects. We get it, Joey, you have a huge cock.

Joey Salads Naked Hot Dog Cock

Anyone hungry for a hot dog? I wonder if he just sits around and tries to think of what food he can stick his dick in next?

Joey Salads Naked Pissing In The Sink

If he isn’t sticking his dick in some kind of food or comparing it with a random inanimate object, you can find him pissing in the strangest of places. Like this kitchen sink.

Joey Salads Naked Cock Hanging From Boxers

Oh, hey … Just sitting around with my huge cock hanging out for everyone to see. Look everyone! It’s Joey Salads Naked!


I was able to find the video for hot dog dick. Now you guys can copy the recipe and try it out for yourselves.

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